Eleanor Eaton

Hey I'm Eleanor but you can call me Ellie

Since my first role as Zacchaeus as a 7 year old in a school play, I took to the stage and never looked back!

I’ve gone on since to train at Bath Spa University in Acting, ran away  with the Circus to America (twice!) and been a performer at
Disneyland Paris where I also won multiple awards for outstanding behaviour and characterisation!

My favourite annual acting gig occurs during the Halloween period, showcasing my transformation to character ‘Charlene’ – a terrifying clown from Scare Park ‘FEAR’ where my team and I have won multiple awards for our scaring!
Whilst at Uni, I set up a theatre company with 3 friends to create ”Nobody Suspects a Murder! The Musical’.  
My role as co-producer and lyricist saw me behind the scenes writing and creating the show, and on stage I also performed as teenage brat Emily Crawling
My acting career has led me to perform in amazing places around the world!
My Christmas adventures have seen me perform and entertain in a promenade theatre on a moving train ‘The Train To Christmas Town’. I directed my own crowd of guests for a 70 minute immersive experience.

As well as stage, I have gained professional knowledge on various film and TV sets for the BBC, ITV and Sky in shows such as ‘Waterloo Road’, ‘Years and Years’, ‘Cobra’ and more!